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HCG and The 500 Calorie Diet

During our hCG weight loss program, you will maintain a 500 calorie diet. Some people think this calorie restriction is too stringent.

However, when you understand how hCG works, you will come to realize that you are actually maintaining a 2000—4000 calorie level instead of living off the 500 calories.

Your body has three types of fat; structural fat that holds organs and tissues in place, reserve fats that your body uses when there is inadequate food intake and “abnormal fat.” Abnormal fat is the excess fat that your body carries around due to extended periods of poor diets. In essence, your body locks this fat in a vault around your hips, abdomen and thighs. It is extremely difficult to get rid of abnormal fat.

Other diets that rely on calorie restriction alone often send your body into starvation mode. When you do not eat enough, your body burns up your reserve fat. However, because these diets cannot break into the fat vault, your body starts to utilize structural fat and convert muscle into energy. Dieters are often tired and lethargic because they do not get enough energy to function. As a result, people that are on these diets often look and become unhealthy.

hCG unlocks the difficult to reach fat vault. As a result, your body uses 2000—4000 calories from the fat vault in addition to the 500 calories you eat. You lose fat and weight rapidly in a healthy manner without burning structural fat or muscle. Most people that go through the hCG program, have plenty of energy.

hCG is typically intended for short term use only (4-6 weeks). Your provider may, in some cases, recommend a longer program.

We will design a lifestyle change program, including new eating habits, designed exercise program, coaching, and medical management to help create a sustained weight loss and overall new health and vitality.

Success Stories

"I went to Dr. Powers because some of my friends had a few skin procedures done and they looked fabulous. I was very nervous but after it was over, I realized I had nothing to be nervous about. There was absolutely no pain involved at all. It was so simple. And now, I have people telling me that my skin looks really pretty. I’ve never in my life had anyone tell me that I have pretty skin, even when I was young! I owe it all to Dr. Powers. I would recommend him to anyone (and I do)."

- Susan P.

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