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We all know that the first step to losing weight is to decrease your intake of food. We will educate, coach, and support you in the process. Next, we combine it with a designed exercise regime and you are on your way to a better you.

However, getting started can be the most difficult part. Not only can Phentermine activate your metabolism to help you to start losing weight right off the bat, but it should also decrease your cravings, increase your energy levels and boost your mood increasing your success rate!

Phentermine is FDA-approved and has a successful history as one of the most effective tools to kick start a diet and exercise program.

It is prescribed this medication for their overweight patients whom need to lose weight quickly. It is indicated for short term rapid weight loss as may be necessitated by obesity related health concerns such as diabetes.

Phentermine should only be taken as part of a short term plan—12 weeks or less.

Phentermine weight loss is most effective within the first few weeks of using the product. Phentermine can also become habit forming. For both these reasons, Phentermine is not recommended as a long term treatment. When used as directed, Phentermine can provide substantial weight loss in patients.

Success Stories

"I went to Dr. Powers because some of my friends had a few skin procedures done and they looked fabulous. I was very nervous but after it was over, I realized I had nothing to be nervous about. There was absolutely no pain involved at all. It was so simple. And now, I have people telling me that my skin looks really pretty. I’ve never in my life had anyone tell me that I have pretty skin, even when I was young! I owe it all to Dr. Powers. I would recommend him to anyone (and I do)."

- Susan P.

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Vampire Facelift makes use of platelet-rich plasma to accelerate the inherent healing powers of skin, along with facial filler Juvederm® to revive your beauty.

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